Dealing with triggers

There will always be something or someone that triggers us for whatever it may be. When this happens, it is a wonderful opportunity to look within ourselves. Instead of reacting or lashing out, treat the trigger as a mirror. What about this situation mirrors the same thing inside of you? What does this person or situation mean to you?.

Give yourself space and breathe, do self acupressure, affirmations by talking positively to yourself and create healthy coping mechanisms so you have something positive to fall back on if you see recurring patterns within yourself. Only you can change your life.

Free form writing, which is a simple technique to help clear the unconscious, can answer your own questions that perhaps were hard for you to answer or be honest with yourself with.

With the new moon upon us, it is the perfect time to shed emotional baggage and have a good, healing cry. Restore yourself by taking a bath full of epsom salts and add some essential oil of your choice to give you some pure (Yin) energy.

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