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Treatment of OCD

For a breakdown of specific OCD patterns and what resonates with you, please see previous post.

Acupuncture: a great method to treat OCD, anxiety, fear and compulsive disorders. The opening of the channels to allow Blood and vital energy (Qi) to smoothly flow for physical and mental calmness. The stimulation of the circulatory system will break up stagnation and eliminate toxicity which can reduce pressure felt internally.

Acupressure: use deep, firm pressure to massage and stimulate each of these Kidney points.

KID3 located between the inner ankle bone and the achilles tendon.

KID6 tonifies Kidney Yin, located on the outer ridge of the middle foot.

KID7 tonifies Kidney Yang the other side of Yin that needs to be re-aligned, located just above the outer ankle.

Chinese herbs are available:

Spleen rescue: helps with anxiety, panic attack, fear, fatigue, phobias, depression.

Liver & Kidney rescue: tonifies Qi, Liver Blood and Kidney Jing.

Kidney recharge: builds Yin in the Kidney and enriches the entire system for balance and harmony.

Hawthorn (Shan Zha) tonic: helps the Heart due to its ability to circulate Blood and Qi.

Liver Recharge: smooths emotions, Blood and Qi to help address stress, depression, anger, irritability and frustration.

Qigong: helps the entire body move Blood and Qi through gentle, meditative movements. Studies have found that Qigong practice can reduce blood pressure, induce relaxation, remediate depression, promote more sound sleep, increase mental focus and clarity, enhance the function of the immune system, improve resistance to disease and infection, encourage the elimination of toxic metabolites and increases the efficiency of cell metabolism and tissue regeneration through increased circulation of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the brain, organs and tissues.

Prayer, meditation, connection with nature, sun and moon gazing and tree hugging goes a long way too.

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