In TICM, we use the tongue as a huge diagnostic tool. After all, the tongue never lies and we say the Heart opens out into the tongue so if you have a speech pathology for example, I am going to immediately question about Heart health.

Have you ever wondered about your tongue? It is one of the wonderful creations of GOD who gave each of us a tongue. But this one tongue is able to taste thousands of different types of food and drinks. If our taste buds on the tongue were to become inactive, we would not know the difference between an apple and a stone. Moreover, like finger print, everyone has a different tongue print. Relative to its size, tongue is also the strongest muscle in the human body. And it is the only muscle which is connected to only one side. The tongue is so strong that it can create a pressure on the roof of the mouth equivalent to the weight of two double decker busses. The strongest muscle of our body, the tongue, has been created by GOD for us to glorify Him. Truly, with the help of this tongue, we are able to recite the Glorious Quran and talk about GOD's Greatness. Let us not spoil the tongue.

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