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Tip toe your way to health

Tippy toe time to boost your health

The toes are a reflection of our head. By tiptoeing, we are massaging the head and helping our entire body.

Over 800 years ago it was discovered that by tiptoeing, you could benefit the entire body, especially stimulating the Kidney meridian which begins on the bottom of the foot.

Benefits: Activate the the Heart, Kidney and Bladder meridians. This also helps the brain. Heart and the brain connection (emotions and intellect) as it's a long path for Blood to travel down to the calves and feet, that's why if you have cold feet it is due to poor circulation. These exercises help to pump the Blood back to the Heart. They are great if you stand a lot. Invigorates Kidney Qi (energy) and Kidney Yang to warm the hands and feet through activating. Prevents back pain where cold and damp wind easily gets stuck causing pain and soreness. The Bladder meridian governs this along with the neck. Also helps to prevent stroke from this channel.

Treats prostate issues, cancer/ frequent urination due to Kidney and Bladder Qi deficiency. Frequent urination for both men and women. Eliminates varicose veins. By activating your tiptoes, you squeeze your calf muscle which is called the second Heart in Chinese medicine, further helping circulation.

Do these exercises 30-50 times each type about 1-4 times a week as per below.

Standing tip toe Sitting tip toe (my favourite when sitting) Walking tip toe Lying down tip toe (my favourite in bed)

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