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Time to start shedding

Before Chinese New Year, people tend to declutter their homes. We can apply the same type of decluttering to our lives. My favourite sort of detox is not usually one pertaining to organ systems, but to life in general. Where I see people needing to detox is from unhealthy or self sabotaging habits, the time spent on screens and certain relationships and environments. When people think detox, they automatically apply it to the body. That is not what nature teaches us. 1. Self sabotage is defined as actively or passively taking steps to prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. For this I recommend focusing on a few good habits and see how you feel after doing them. Then slowly you will build the strength to replace the other habit that is not serving you. 2. Excessive screen time is a pandemic in and of itself. It is more essential than ever to connect to nature, get sunlight and connect to people around you. 3. Unhealthy relationships and environments: sometimes we take a lot on, whether at work or in our personal life. It is a good time to take inventory on where your energy is getting drained and why. Prioritise self-care and self-worth. Here are some of my favourite habits that increase the vitality of the mind, body and spirit which make you choose better decisions. Eat a warming breakfast. Connect with nature everyday. Acupressure, acupuncture and cupping. Stretch body through walking, salaah, yoga, pilates, Qigong. Meditate and practice Qigong and/or salaah to calm emotions and mind. Drink ginger powder tea to stimulate digestion and circulation. Take Liver formula’s to harmonise the Liver and balance emotions. Express and value your emotions by writing them down or talking to someone trusted. Opt out of raw food and lightly steam or sautee your vegetables for less energy spent on digesting and more time spent on healing. Sleep before 11pm so the Liver can properly detox. The Liver and Gallbladder are the system that creates an idea and executes it only if they have the Qi (power) to do so.

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