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To date I have been working with patients on their mental health and immunity as well as underlying issues. However, I have now decided it is time to up my game by preparing and strengthening the body for the absurd 5G through treatment and food therapy. If 5G was safe why would they feel the need to erect these towers after locking us up in secrecy?

How does EMF affect the body?

This could be answered in a myriad of ways by various experts. For example, one may talk about the negative effect on the mitochondria, others will give their opinion about oxygen levels, and another may refer to research where there has been a cancer cluster attributed to a known local source of EMF such as a nearby mobile phone tower, 5G streetlight or high voltage powerlines. Whilst all these opinions are correct to varying degrees, what we also need to understand is that EMF directly interferes with our body energy flow.

What are Meridians?

Meridians are a supply system of energy to our vital organs. EMF emits a harmful positive charge, which is the exact opposite to what the meridians demand and require, which is a negative charge, also called vital energy (Qi). Vital energy creates a healthy ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ balance. Thus, EMF affects the human body through its energetic interference with this system.

Each of our organs has a corresponding meridian, and when that meridian is in balance, it supplies a line of a healthy negative charge to its respective organ. When a person is immersed in any EMF field, like 5G for example, the meridian’s energy flow is disrupted by 5G’s positive charge and subsequently, so too does the function of vital organs. Meridian energy flow to organs can also be adversely affected by other things such as eating unhealthy food, emotional distress, and hereditary issues.

Everyone has an energetic organ weakness in their body, for some it may be Liver, for others it could be the Heart or Kidneys. If you were to have a weaker than normal meridian flow to your Liver for example, then your Liver’s overall energetic status could be below what is required for it to function normally.

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