Prevent and regulate the thyroid hormone with acupressure.

Massage point Spleen 2 (SP2) known as Great Metropolis, on both feet, with firm pressure, in a circular motion, 2-5 min each foot. Do this 1-3 times daily. Drink warm water or ginger powder tea after you massage the point to help remove stagnation and toxins.

SP2 is located on the middle side of the big toe, in a depression at the juncture of where the skin changes colour.

Benefits of massaging SP2:

Helps treat gout

Helps gastric pain, constipation

Strengthens bones and muscles

Helps proper absorption of calcium

Prevents osteoporosis

Helps lower back pain related to calcium deficiency

Helps regulate the thyroid hormone

Helps and prevents neck pain

Prevents muscle atrophy

Regulates and tonifies the Spleen

SP2 is the Ying Spring point of the Spleen channel. Ying Spring points are where the Qi (energy) dribbles down the channel. Ying Spring points are indicated for heat in the body and changes in the complexion. Ying Spring points are known to clear heat from the channel.

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