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Three treasures

The three treasures: Jing Qi Shen

I openly claim that I am an anti-vaxxer as my parents took that decision not to vaccinate me as a child. Words and conditioning are powerful and the society I grew up in constantly preached that vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs as well as vitamins and supplements all belong to the devil. As I grew up and fell into TICM, this beautiful medicine of the past and medicine of the future taught me that vaccines, drugs, vitamins and supplements are not permissible. When a white Englishman who is my personal teacher told me that they are the cause of all diseases, that is when I really took on board my teachings. However, he also taught me that not everyone will have our beliefs. So for those who want the devils juice or synthetic big pHARMa drugs, ensure that I strengthen their Jing Qi Shen if they are to go down that root as the average person will be weak in those areas. Without strengthening the Jing Qi Shen, this will lead to trouble in future for the person. Even with the death shot, I put a protocol together for those who will be around the quaccinated and those who will take it as my medicine is all about prevention. Those who followed the protocol ended up on top. There is no point contacting me when the deed is done as you have done a great deal of damage.

In TICM, these three factors that are essential to sustaining human life: Jing, Qi, and Shen. This trio is known as the Three Treasures, each one contributing to what makes us alive. Shen is loosely translated to what we refer to in the west as our Spirit and the aspect of our being that is spiritual but also encompasses our mind, emotions and consciousness, governing all activities that take place in the mental, spiritual and creative planes, which all reside in the Heart. Through our Shen we present ourselves to the world, as energetic beings we show our wisdom, emotions and our connection to the natural world around us. Shen is not necessarily focused on emotions, but about the bigger connection to the greater consciousness and what is divine. It contributes to wisdom, virtue, and calmness, and maintains our whole being in order. We know how the eyes are the window of the soul and is a true and popular expression. It is no different in TICM, as I look to the eyes to see the quality of one's spirit. Our Shen can be harmed if we fail to take care of it, through both internal and external factors. Symptoms such as excess emotions, anxiety, insomnia, lack lustre eyes, muddled thinking, forgetfulness, chronic restlessness and, in severe cases, mental illness, including depression and mania. Our Shen can be strengthened through physical and emotional practices. Meditation, Salaah, Qigong, Yoga, acupuncture, therapy, acupressure, food, herbs and lifestyle can indeed make us vital. Special Spirit herbal combinations are used to treat depression, anxiety, and irritability. Research shows that this ancient anti-depressant herbal medicine alleviated the depressive symptoms in a rapid and lasting manner. Because current conventional anti-depressants act slowly, it is urgent to develop the therapeutics that can quickly and enduringly treat depression, and this does just that

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