Thick blood

Why is thick blood

The following are some of the causes of hypercoagulability you need to know:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol can cause various diseases, one of which is thick blood. Alcohol entering the body can exceed the amount of water available so that the body will become dehydrated. This lack of body fluids is able to thicken the blood because water as a natural thinner of blood has been reduced. If this happens continuously it can cause various types of chronic diseases in the long run.

2. Lack of drinking water

If the body lacks fluids, it can cause blood thickening. The body can get dehydrated if you lack water to consume every day.

But ironically at this time many people prefer to drink coffee or tea and other energy drinks that taste better, even though water is the best choice for the body.

3. Smoking

If you smoke then the chances of you experiencing thick blood will increase. In cigarettes there is a nicotine substance in which this substance can cause blood flow to be not smooth. This blood that is not smooth will clot and eventually become thick blood.

4. The Body Is Less Movable

If you have activities that don't have many movements such as just sitting, standing, facing a laptop and so on, you will experience higher blood coagulation compared to those who have a lot of movement every day. Monotonous body activity can make the blood flow become blocked and eventually become thick blood.

5. Cholesterol

If you have high levels of bad cholesterol LDL is high enough in the body then you have to overcome it because cholesterol can also be one of the causes of the blood coagulation process. this is certainly not surprising if cholesterol sufferers are eventually exposed to various types of serious diseases such as stroke, heart disease and heart attacks.

6. Diet

60% of cases of thick blood are caused by diet. Irregular eating patterns can cause blood to thicken because when a person does not eat regularly, eating a menu will tend to be irregular and unhealthy.

7. Stress

Stress or depression is indeed not good for health and this is true. Stress is actually able to cause thickening of the blood because when a person is stressed, the blood vessels will experience constriction and cause blood flow to be blocked. The inhibition of blood flow then causes the blood to become thickened.

8. Free Radicals

At present many types of free radicals are scattered in the air such as pollution from industrial fumes, motor vehicles and cigarettes. Increased free radicals that enter the body will cause the risk of blood thickening becoming higher.

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