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Taste in mouth

As part of my interrogation process, I ask patients if they have a particular taste in their mouth, which they find very strange. I do ask many strange questions as all questions are an integral part of my final diagnosis. In TICM, there is no such thing as wrong treatment. It's wrong diagnosis. Hence the diagnosis must be spot on. The tongue if the gateway to viewing the health of your internal organs, so below are some common tastes and how they correlate to the organs.

Bitter taste correlates to the Heart from excess fire in the Heart or Liver and Gallbladder fire. Liver herbs can help to balance the Liver and detox excess heat to support the Heart. Remove fatty, greasy and processed foods from the diet.

Sweet taste can be accompanied with thick coating on the tongue that is yellow in colour. This signals that the spleen and Stomach have damp heat. Digestive herbs are given to remove dampness and promote healthy digestion, eat breakfast every day and remove cold drinks from the diet.

Sour taste signals that there is Liver fire rising and attacking the Stomach. This means the Liver is imbalanced, take Liver herbs to alleviate the pain and work on managing stress and reducing toxins and alcohol.

Salty taste is a sign of Kidney deficiency and excess cold. Kidney herbs balance the kidneys and improve circulation.

Metallic taste signals Lung deficiency that most likely may be rising from Stomach deficiency. Take Lung and digestive herbs to promote harmony within the Stomach, Spleen and digestive system.

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