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Tap water

If you have a water filter, use it as much as possible and order spare parts whilst you can. It's time to be real about tap water as we need to think clearly, stay awake not allowing anything to cloud our minds.

In the US, Environmental Protection Agency has not set new tap water standards in almost 20 years. Chemicals and contaminants identified in tap water include radioactive compounds, brain-disrupting pesticides, heavy metals like arsenic, carcinogens, prescription drug remnants. Any number of these harmful chemicals can reside in the very water deemed healthy enough to drink.

Doing your own research about everything you consume is extremely important. Being an informed citizen makes you aware about important issues that actually get overlooked and may be labeled as unimportant. The nature of our water is one of those issues that we should all be aware of and try to support public officials, businesses and corporations that take the same matters seriously.

A report in NRDC states that nearly 77 million Americans lived in places where the water systems were in some violation of safety regulations, that many relied on the systems that did not comply with standards in protecting the public health. Millions of water suppliers failed to test water safety properly; in fact, they did not report the test results to health authorities.

So what should we do? Purchase water filter, NOT Brita. Unfortunately bottled water is NOT a healthy or safe alternative. Not only is plastic harming the environment and leaching chemicals like BPA into the water you're drinking, bottled water manufacturers aren’t required to disclose the level of contaminants in their water.

Currently there are amazing methods available to filter your own water for every price point. Some methods include reverse osmosis, charcoal, ceramic, and mechanical filters. Depending on the type of water in your area you want to make sure you are filtering out chemicals including Fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides and make it the cleanest water possible. You can actually taste and see the difference with water free of contaminants.

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