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Taoism/Qadr (Qadr closest meaning in English is fate but not literal meaning)

From the Taoism and Islamic perspective on life, there are no accidents, no coincidences, everything happens for good reason, but it's up to you to see it for yourself. It is up to you to learn from every instance, taking a so-called "bad" experience and "downloading" the lessons. The term downloading refers to absorbing information consciously, receiving an influx of knowledge, or awareness, by moving beyond the surface level. Just like a computer, our physical and energy bodies can receive upgrades.

The tough experiences in life are often of greatest value because they teach us our most significant lessons and cause us to grow in ways we didn't know possible.

These last several months have brought many people to their knees. Have we been more susceptible to feeling more emotions, or have they been there the whole time? Perhaps we always felt these things, but they are only coming up to the surface now. Be aware of your feelings and honour them. Work through them with patience and gratitude. Use them also as lessons.

The most influential thing you can do for yourself and for others is practice self love and self acceptance. Take care of yourself, feed your body and mind with nutritious thoughts and foods. Though we want to indulge in comfort foods and drinks, an excessive amount of these things can propel negative emotions.

Now is the time to care for our physical, emotional and spiritual health as our first priority. In the west such as USA, UK and Australia, those who do reach age 50 generally arrive at this age in poorer health than their counterparts in other high income countries, and as older adults they face greater morbidity and mortality from chronic diseases that arise from risk factors (e.g., smoking, obesity, diabetes) that are often established earlier in life. Use this time to get healthy, for your mind, body and spirit, and step into your light.

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