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Tampons and moon cups

TICM is all about maintaining the free flow of energy in our body. When there is unobstructed movement of energy, our fluids and emotions follow, resulting in health and vitality. Well running organ systems allow us to handle the ebbs and flows of life smoothly.

Women's menstrual cycles are especially about healthy energy flow. Energy is our vital energy that makes us alive, the commander of blood and the actual force that moves blood and fluids around the body. Proper Blood flow is vital to the spirit and consciousness, mental activity, hormones, body temperature regulation, immune system and Lungs to name a few.

One of the issues TICM has with tampons and moon cups is that they obstruct the flow of energy in the Uterus and vaginal canal. They hold the blood in the vaginal canal rather than allow it to flow outwards freely. It is not recommended to keep Blood and fluid soaked cotton close to delicate mucus membranes for long periods of time as that harbours bacteria and yeast overgrowth.

Another problem is the fact that the FDA considers tampons and moon cups a medical device. This means that they are not subject to the same regulations as cosmetics, drugs and food, which is quite alarming. You may be thinking, tampons are cotton and moon cups are good for the environment so what is wrong with that? For starters conventional cotton is known as the world's filthiest crop. This is due to its high levels of glyphosate. A staggering 85% of tampons were found to contain this harmful chemical that has been linked to allergies, infertility, and cancer. It is also known to harm gut bacteria. Other ingredients include polyester which is a source of heavy metal and pesticides, fragrance which is a non regulated ingredient that can mean thousands of different toxic chemicals and dioxin, which is a derivative of bleach, known to be one of the most dangerous chemicals as there is no registered safe level. As for the moon cup, this is plastic whether it is BPA or not.

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