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Sunshine healing

20 minutes of sunshine per day triggers your body to release over 200 anti-microbials that fight parasites, viruses and mold. If you think about it, all of nature is solar powered. We are nature, therefore, we are solar powered too. If you take away our sun, or Yang, then we can't survive.

Though now we tend to be afraid of the sun, and for good reason, too little sun is also unhealthy, the benefits are found in the balance of it all. True health is always about balance!

Yang is incredibly precious in our modern lives, in fact, most of us are actually "Yang deficient" which leads to symptoms like poor digestion, cold hands and feet, fatigue, diarrhea containing undigested food, frequent urination at night, dull colored skin and knee pain. These are the results of stress, poor diet and nutrition, overwork, environmental toxins and toxic lifestyles. Consistently consuming iced beverages and raw foods also contribute to this deficiency.

The sun provides us with serotonin which helps our sleep and makes us feel good. It also provides us with vitamin D, which is vital for the human body to absorb calcium, keep the Liver healthy and promote bone growth. Only a quarter of the vitamin D you need comes from your diet, if you are including the right foods in your diet like fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, herring, halibut, beef liver, Cod liver oil, eggs, and mushrooms that is. It is easier for the body to use the vitamin D we get from the sun than diet.

Before anti-biotics were available, sunlight helped healing because it can kill germs efficiently.

Tip: In TICM, the body heals through sweating and releases toxins this way. It's important once you sweat to wipe it off with a towel. This keeps the pores open and helps protect them from pathogens. Don't immediately go into air conditioning, drink iced water to cool down or let the sweat make your clothes wet. The more gradually you reduce your temperature the better.

SUN DOES NOT cause cancer. That is another lie. What causes cancer are all those chemicals people splish splash splosh. Do you know the ingredients and what they actually do to cause cancer?

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