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Early signs of stroke

TICM believes that there are symptoms that act like warning signs to alert you of a possible upcoming stroke. In TICM theory stroke is not just considered an illness of the brain but also impairment of the meridians and Blood vessels. Both external and internal pathogens are involved that create high pressure of energy (Qi) and Blood that leads to a stroke.

The warning signs are:

1. Constantly yawning. This usually takes place about 5-10 days prior, yawning occurs for no apparent reason but it is consistent.

2. Stuttering speech, saliva coming out of the mouth, one or both eyes becomes crooked.

3. Suddenly lose vision and you experience a blackout of your vision. Dizziness also occurs in tandem.

4. You experience blurred vision.

If you are suffering these then I would advise you check in with your TICM doctor as soon as possible who will do acupuncture in conjunction with hijama as well as prescribe herbal medicine. They will also adjust your dietary requirements.

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