Stress and sugar

When stressed, women are more prone to sugar which will lead to health issues such as constipation, stagnation, damp, menstruation issues, infertility and much more. Sugar is hot in nature, drying leading to dehydration which is why children play up after having sugar. According to this study PMID: 24879886 published, stressed women are more prone to sugar cravings, and this condition is associated with increased basal leptin levels, larger hip circumference, and altered body composition. Ingesting sweet substances in excess may attenuate the effects of stress in women and impact leptin levels, which are also affected by alcohol dependence and overeating. Excess intake of sweet substances also influences ghrelin levels, involved in the onset of food intake and stress. Hormones, which influence satiety and hunger, play a significant role in body energy balance regulation. Ghrelin is a peptide that plays an important role in short-term appetite regulation, whereas leptin is a factor that controls long-term energy balance and is considered as a satiety hormone. In TICM, stress attacks the Liver system, and vice versa, an unhealthy Liver is more susceptible to stress. Support your Liver and keep it healthy.

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