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Stress relief acupressure

This is one simple method you can use to improve your condition:

Massage Yintang. Yintang is between the midpoint of the eye brows. Use your index finger to gently stroke up and down; add stronger pressure when you go up. Repeat 100 times. Do this whenever you need to calm down or do this daily to maintain a good mood.

Massage HE7. HE7 is at the wrist crease, on the baby finger side. Use two or three fingers with clockwise circular motion and massage 2-3 minutes when necessary or you can do this daily. Do it on both hands.

Find LIV3 which is between the big toe and the second toe. Rub with a strong pressure in an up and down motion for about 2-3 minutes on both feet 3 times a week. Do it more often throughout the day when you have a stressful day.

Drink some warm/hot water, or ginger powder tea.

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