Life's natural course is one full of ebbs and flows. It's how we deal with life's stressful moments which impacts our health the most. You can learn to identify what particularly stresses you and how to support yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

TICM stress management tips:

Sleep: sleeping is when we restore, rejuvenate and heal. I strongly recommend going to bed around 10pm and rising early during the summer. This allows the Liver sufficient time to detox during the night. When the Liver is able to produce the smooth flow of Qi (energy)and Blood, our emotions are stable and we can handle stress.

Food: when you eat satisfying meals you will find yourself not snacking and energised. This leads to improved Stomach function and digestion which impacts our moods. I like each of my meals to be filled with several types of vegetables, along with rice or rice noodles, and protein. I also always have a cup of bone broth. If I want something refreshing I add seaweed salad or pickled vegetables. I do not recommend skipping breakfast, especially for women. If there is a meal you want to eat lighter, choose dinner.

Avoid: Stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine should be monitored. For example, if your adrenal glands are fatigued, then caffeine can cause your adrenals to overwork to make more cortisol and overwork.

Lifestyle: practices like meditation, Salaah and Qigong provide true support to our body, mind, and spirit through connecting us to the unconditional support of God, nature, the universe, etc. Check out classes in your area to connect with others. Use affirmations, positive thoughts, journalling, high vibrational music, deep breathing and gratitude to help build a solid foundation for yourself when you feel stressed. Keep a journal and write about your thoughts or what you're grateful for in your life.

Laughter: Do not be so serious. Make sure to find ways to laugh, watch a funny movie or have a fun conversation with friends.

Community: You can also seek professional counselling, which can help you develop specific coping strategies to manage stress. There are also many groups and organisations out there, even if you take a dance class or writing class, you can connect and naturally relieve stress. My patients know that my doors, arms and ears are always ready for them.

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