Strengthen body organs and remove belly fat

Strengthen your Spleen, Kidney and Liver systems, in addition to your lower abdomen muscles.

This movement also helps move excess fat. Healthy functioning Spleen and Liver systems help proper digestion and reduce dampness. Dampness is a sticky like substance that traps toxins and fat. Please look back at previous posts for information on Damp, Spleen and Liver.

Sit as shown, bend forward while breathing out. Hold for 5 seconds, repeat 9 times. Practice this daily.

This gentle movement stimulates the channels corresponding to the mentioned organ systems. When the channels are stimulated properly, they are able to move vital energy and Blood freely, and remove stagnation. When we have pain or excess fat, it is usually due to the stagnation of energy and Blood.

Drink a cup of ginger powder tea afterwards if you have it. If not, have some warm water to help remove any toxins which may have accumulated.

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