Stomach and worry

How is worrying related to the Stomach

In TICM, our organs are correlated with a particular emotion. When any emotion becomes overpowering to a person, it can cause physical symptoms. Every organ has a different emotion, colour, Spirit, flavour etc and we do not view the organs as a piece of flesh like drug dealers. Worry is associated with our Spleen and Stomach. Worry can be a vicious cycle which creates anxiety and feelings like you are out of control. Feeding your body correctly and relaxing with moderate exercise can really help this emotion overload. Worry, anxiety and fear are often based on what ifs and are projections of the future, most likely of thoughts that will never come into fruition. If you catch yourself worrying, take a minute to slow down and become present. Immediately think of 3-5 positive aspects of the situation and spend roughly 2 minutes thinking about the good, tell the Universe, GOD, mother nature, write it down, etc, you trust. To eat for balance of the Spleen and Stomach, incorporate sweet, flavoured foods and root vegetables which are foods associated with the Earth, for they grow in soil. Think yellow, orange, brown coloured foods, and herbs. Make sure to eat carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, parsnip, squash, chestnuts, fig, taro, liquorice root, ginger, jujubes and astragalus. Start your day with a baked sweet potato, congee or ginger powder tea.

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