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According to TICM, each organ has many connections to our internal and external world. This framework allows us to understand ourselves and our environment better, to live healthfully and harmoniously.

Earth element associations: Spleen, Stomach, Pancreas, Late Summer, Yellow.

The Spleen and Stomach are partners. These organs are responsible for transforming and transporting food and nutrients throughout the body. The Spleen extracts energy from the food we eat to build immunity, Blood and promote proper circulation. They also digest everything we think and see. That is why the type of thoughts we think affect our digestive health. When the Spleen is experiencing dysfunction, digestive issues, swelling, weak muscles, food allergies and weight gain can occur.

Warmth: the digestive organs love warmth. They love to be warm and love to be fed warming foods both in temperature and essence. Foods like ginger, sweet potatoes, rice, cooked vegetables, and cinnamon are staples in Chinese medicine for their digestive power.

Muscles and Mouth: our Spleen governs our mouth and lips and is in charge of fluid metabolism. So, weak muscles, dry and cracked lips are a sign that there are issues with fluid metabolism in the digestive system.

Presence: stay in the now and don't over worry about things you can't control. Overthinking/ worrying are the emotions related to the Earth element. Focus on the now and what you can control and be happy and practice gratitude for that in which you have now.

Connect: be with nature as that will be the best way to refuel, recharge and reconnect. Gardening is especially therapeutic.

Boundaries: develop healthy boundaries and learn how to graciously say no so you don't overextend yourself.

Herbs: speak to your healer about Spleen formula’s to invigorate digestion, help anxiety and harmonise the Spleen.

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