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The Spleen governs the thought. A healthy Spleen will result in clear thoughts that are easily processed, commanded and dealt with. Thoughts come and go naturally and with ease. A deficient Spleen however, will change the healthy process of thinking into the unhealthy overthinking.

Thoughts transform from being controlled to controlling you. They feel like they are stagnant, undigested and difficult to move on from. They seem to appear at any time and come and go as they please.

When you feel like you are worrying or overthinking, make sure to nourish the digestion. Incorporate ginger powder tea every morning to increase Blood and vital energy flow, or circulation.

Furthermore, eliminate processed foods, cold, raw, and all frozen foods, iced drinks, refined sugars and excessive caffeine. Think about warming the Stomach, aiding it in digesting your emotions, thoughts and food.

Look back at Spleen posts for many ways to invigorate digestion which will also help anxiety, worry and overthinking.

For herbal assistance,Spleen formula's help with anxiety, panic attacks, fear, fatigue, poor memory, phobias and short attention spans. In TICM this is related to the Heart and Spleen. Heart controls Blood which stores Shen/Ruh/Spirit (mind, emotion), and Spleen absorbs nutrients from food and transports and transforms them to nourish Blood. When Spleen function is impaired, Blood lacks proper nourishment, Shen scatters and mind and emotion can easily be disturbed. Spleen formula's are traditional formula's which has been used for thousands of years to restore the spleen function to help Blood, heart, mind and emotion.

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