Proper Spleen and Stomach function are so incredibly vital to our body. Think of them like the kitchen of the home that is our body. They are our centre, our grounding Earth, where all pathways and channels connect to get what they need to function.

The Spleen is responsible for the digestion of food, nutrient absorption and nutrient transport. It also works to form blood and energy, our vital life force. Its involvement goes much further than the Stomach, however. This organ plans a large role in our mental function, especially in thinking, studying, and memory. Proper Spleen function is integral to the vitality of our muscles, mouth, and lips.

What are symptoms of an imbalanced Spleen?

Abdominal distention after eating, blurry vision, bruising, diarrhea, dizziness, dry skin and dry hair, excess menstrual blood flow, excess perspiration, fatigue, impotence, mental fog, mucus, night sweats, nocturnal emissions, pale lips, poor appetite, premenstrual spotting, weak abdomen, weight gain.

In TICM emotions also play the largest role in our health. The emotions that correlate to the Spleen are worry, over-thinking or focusing too much on one topic and dwelling on the same subjects.

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