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Spleen 6: every healer’s favourite point

Spleen 6 (SP6) is called Three Yin Intersection in English. I feel when these names are translated into English, they lose their Spirituality. SP6 is one of the most beneficial points for general wellbeing for all and one point I needle on everyone I come by. It is one of the most influential points for women's health. This is because SP6 is a crossing point of the Spleen, Kidney, and Liver, which are three major organs in TICM that governs the menstrual cycle and hormones. It is great for pre-menopause. It helps treat menopause related sleep problems, insomnia, hot flashes, dryness, and irregular periods. This point tonifies (strengthens) all Yin (fluids) and Blood and menstrual issues. It also helps to reduce dampness which is one of the main causes of the symptoms that arise during transitional periods. It is most well-known for gynaecological issues. Overall, it is great for reproductive health and digestion and sexual health in both women and men. This point is 3 cun (3-4 finger widths) from the bony bump on the inner side of the ankle. If it’s comfortable, you can press the point on both sides by getting into a modified cross-legged position. If that doesn’t work for you, just press one side at a time: Sit upright with your ankle crossed over your opposite leg. Using your hand on the same side as the leg you’re pressing, come from above the point and place your thumb at Spleen 6. Grasping your leg with your fingers, apply firm pressure with your thumb for 2-3 minutes, daily. Please note: do not use this point during pregnancy as this is one of the main points, we use to help induce labour.

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