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Spiritual fluid

Why is the saliva a spiritual fluid?

“The clear well of the mouth and the corolla of a flower of the jade in the body are the pathways of body fluid. Saliva is the spiritual fluid in the body” is a telling quote from the Yellow Emperor and Ibn Sina, two medical texts which have been treated as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese and Islamic medicine for more than two thousand years.

The reason saliva is called spiritual fluid is to imply that it had a connection to the mind. Now, saliva is being studied in western medicine in order to assess the health of the brain and the central nervous system for some individuals. There is already a clear connection between the ancient texts of Chinese and Islamic medicine.

In TICM, the Spleen is the governing organ of saliva, making sense because of it being the organ that transports and transmits the nutrients from our food.

Though saliva seems pretty simple and boring, it is actually quite a complex liquid composed of various enzymes, hormones, antibodies, antimicrobial constituents, and growth factors that's much easier to sample than many other serums in the body.

For optimal digestion and saliva for that matter, it is important to eat slowly, without distraction and chew your food very, very well. Most people with digestive disorders eat too quickly. Digestion begins in the mouth with ample saliva.

Acupuncture, hijama, Qigong, yoga, sunnah diet, traditional Chinese diet builds saliva in the mouth. People without ample saliva are said to suffer from a range of conditions ranging from sleep disorders, stress, dry mouth and lips, and chronic or acute pain conditions.

Saliva is also the first defence against bacteria and pathogens and part of immunity.

If people take note, almost every food in the market is full of chemical preservatives and chemicals. Flavour enhancers, sugars, sweetners are all added to give taste but in the process it is playing with our vital taste buds and saliva leading us becoming so addicted to these chemicals that it wipes away our spiritual side. It blocks our pineal gland. The more we consume, the more it depletes our spirituality. Our brain is craving these chemicals which I believe is more dangerous than drugs. Hence why I emphasise a Sunnah diet or Chinese diet. As parents, by the time our child reaches 8 years of age, we have killed their spiritual side.

It is time to really start thinking, it is absolutely critical. For Muslims, Rasool'Allah (SAW) has left no stone unturned. He has done all the work for us and all we have to do is follow his guide. This is a word I never use and forbid my children to use as 'Muslims' use this pure word in the wrong context. Wallahi I would die for this man. For him, I gave up everything when I came to Islam but Allah continues to bless me no matter how ungrateful I am. His autobiography I struggle to read. Nothing but tears flow continously like a river. Al-Kauthar did a 3 day course on Al-Mustafa. I cried the whole way through.

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