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Connect to your Spirit

Using the point called Heart 1 (HT1) called Supreme Spring in English, helps with chest congestion, shortness of breath, sadness, anxiety and panic attacks. This point frees the chest, activates the Heart meridian, benefits the arm. On a spiritual level, this point enhances a person’s clarity of consciousness as well as reconnects them to their true self. HT1 point can regain this connection immediately, bridging the mental and emotional together again for clarity, focus, and calmness. Location: at the apex of the axillary fossa, where the axillary artery pulsates, basically if you place your four fingers as shown in your armpit, you will get it. More benefits: Regulates Qi (energy) flow from the torso to the arm and vice versa which helps cold, numbness, pain in shoulder and/ or arm.

Pain in the cardiac region: Heart pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, palpitations.

Frozen shoulder.

Pain and or distention of the upper chest area. Stimulate by tapping and rubbing for 2-10 minutes on each side.

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