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Small Intestines

Small Intestines may not seem like an important organ and no one thinks about it unless they have a health issue with it. Small Intestines is the partner organ of the Heart so if one suffers, the other suffers too. However, this connection is not made in sick care system. The Small Intestine's duty is to separate the pure from impure allowing the good to be absorbed by the body and sending the impure to the Colon for elimination. This is the same for our mental and Spiritual bodies. When this channel becomes polluted, however, it is unable to do its job. Small Intestine 5 is on the baby finger side of the outside of the hand, between two bones, the styloid process of the ulna and the triquetral bone, in the depression there in the wrist. Practice this 2-3 minutes on each side daily. Physical: neck pain, pain of the hand and wrist, toothache, shoulder pain. It clears swelling along the Taiyang channel that follows the hand, wrist Aids in digestion and nutrient absorption, and is effective for clearing heat and dampness from the body. Emotional: this point can clear heat from the Heart which calms the Spirit and any manic behaviour, helping you gain clear mental clarity and support decision making. Small Intestine 5 is known as Yang Valley. Any point with the name Yang and Valley is very significant in Chinese medicine. Yang correlates to upwards, sun, forward. Valley is a low point where waste can easily accumulate. Use this energy to further release gunk. Most imbalances in the Small Intestine manifest into those who are unable to distinguish good from bad, who are weak, cold, dispirited, depressed, lethargic, lonely, and in need of activity, movement, joy, affection, connection, and enthusiasm.

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