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Skin imbalance

Itchiness can be frustrating, irritating, and painful. Use TICM to do more than just scratch the itch and get to the root problem. In TICM, itchiness is usually due to wind pathogens and a combination of dampness and or heat. Wind enters the body and consumes Blood and fluids, resulting in dryness, especially in the upper body or the body surface. To relieve itchiness, you have to nourish Blood, as Blood and fluids are expressed as your Yin essence, they are interchangeable and interconnected. Many women experiencing menopause symptoms feel dry because their Yin (moisture) is depleted. How can we help resolve itchiness? Fuel your digestion with warming foods first thing in the morning. Think congee. You can do savory or sweet for variety, baked sweet potatoes, warm tea like ginger powder or my anti-age breakfast. Hydrate with warm water and avoid iced drinks for now. Cold drinks hinder digestion and Blood's ability to nourish the skin. You may experience eczema or red, dry and itchy skin due to vitamin D deficiency. Spleen 10 (SP10) acupuncture point Xuehai, known as the Sea of Blood is a wonderful point to nourish it. Press on this point on both sides for 2-3 mins daily. Make sure your environment is not too dry by using a humidifier and avoiding extreme heat or AC. Use an air filter in your home as to avoid allergens. Wash your clothing, towels, and sheets in non-toxic detergent. Use clean home products. Salt lamps are useful. If you suffer from digestion issues, check out Spleen formula’s to help dry skin. A functioning Spleen absorbs nutrients from food and transports and transforms them to nourish Blood. When Spleen function is impaired, Blood lacks proper nourishment and dry skin can result. To increase Blood, use Blood tonic formula’s especially if you are vegetarian, eat warming foods and have Chinese red dates (jujubes). For extreme itchiness and damp toxic like conditions, use Candida formula’s or Colon formula’s on the moon schedule before bed to remove toxins, drain dampness and replenish your Yang (warm) energy.

Acupressure: with knee flexed, 2 cun (2 finger widths) above the superior middle border of the kneecap on the bulge of the middle part of the quad. Rub this point for 2-3 minutes daily on both sides, 2-3 times daily.

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