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Sick care v health care

Sick care or health care: your choice

Having a thorough understanding between allopathic medicine and traditional medicine will allow you to make a clear and more educated choice about your health care putting you in charge of your body and circumstances. Just like Dr Daniel Keown, I would also like to see my medicine go mainstream as I believe it is the way forward especially after seeing behind the scenes in allopathic medicine.

Below is the difference between the two that I have learnt from Dr Johnathon Dao.

The number 1 cause of disease and death in the world we live in today is not cancer or heart disease. It is people’s ignorance. As the old saying goes, ignorance is a disease, and very hard to cure. Ignorance about the true nature of what constitutes physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Basic premise of health care:

Allopathic: invade, attack, dissect, remove or destroy diseased tissues and organs by surgically cutting or dissecting the malfunctioned parts, removing them altogether or replacing them with another person’s organs or artificial mechanical parts, treat symptoms with synthetic drugs that have toxic side effects. Medical doctors go against their oath of cause no harm.

Natural medicine: eliminate the cause of disease, whether it be nutritional, environmental, physical, mental, spiritual, educate the person on how to maintain lifestyle habits, food, and mental/emotional health that promotes self healing, integrate a combination of different natural therapies addressing all levels of body, mind and spirit.


Allopathic: man made inorganic, synthetic drugs derived from petrochemicals, coal, tar, animal products and other toxic substances that suppress or stimulate the body’s chemical processes causing symptomatic relief only rather than curing and will cause dependence. Radiation and chemotherapy result in cell death with severe side effects. Damages the persons spirituality and calcifies the pineal gland.

Natural medicine: organic substances derived from what God’s provisions (some may call it Mother Nature) including foods and herbs that detoxify, cleanse, nourish and promote the body’s innate self-healing processes with no side effects when used correctly. Additional therapies may be used such as physical, energetic, or spiritual healing such as loving touch and gentle manipulation of the physical body to remove blockages in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Note: I have removed myself from so many groups including vaccination awareness groups due to the advice people give each other which I believe will end up in disaster from clinical experience. People must come to the realisation, one size does not fit all. Two people with the exact same ‘medical condition’ must be treated differently. Just because one method works for one, it does not mean it will work for another which shows the level of indoctrination in us.

Role of patient:

Allopathic: Person is a passive recipient of treatment by medical authority figure and is regarded as a victim of external circumstances and therefore the disease is attacking the patient.

Natural medicine: person is actively involved in the healing process and encouraged by their doctor to take full responsibility for their health and wellbeing by understanding the underlying causes whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Please note apart from miracle cure damage, no sickness is medically related. It is physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually manifested. I talk from what I see in clinic so someone else may disagree which is fine too.

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