Shoulder problems

Summertime is the best time of year to help shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, pain around the shoulder blades, neck tightness and pain. This is because Summer is the season correlated to the Heart and Small Intestine systems. You can help the shoulders and neck through stimulating the Small Intestine meridian as it originates from the medial tip of the little finger and continues running upwards medially along the the posterior side of the forearm until it reaches the back of shoulder proximal to the scapula to the back of the neck then branches in 3 directions. As per video, tap as much as possible. 100-500 times whenever you can, it does not have to be in one sitting, you can practice at different points throughout the day.

Shoulder issues are not medically related unless of course you fell off a ladder and broke it for example. A frozen should usually means that you are suppressing feelings, experiencing too much strain, stress and worry. When you are not dealing with challenges, you are numbing them. Some people even get it as they have a fear of the future, some want to give up, some feel they are a failure engulfed with problems. These patients are unsure how to heal their pain and sadness, which is where I come in if you are my patient.

Other contributing factors to shoulder issues is that some people are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. They are feeling insecure, unsure, frightened, overwhelmed, sad, rejected, distrustful, and discouraged. These people are easily hurt. Someone with droopy shoulders indicates to me that they are lacking joy and fun as they are too serious, focusing on the problems rather than solutions.

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