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Sharon fruits

Sharon fruits are also known as persimmons. It is a beautiful, glossy, orange fruit and looks like the gorgeous autumn season back home in the UK. In both Islamic and Chinese traditions, the essence of sharon fruit enters the Heart, Lungs and Large Intestine, and is a sweet and astringent flavour. 

They are good to eat in autumn as they help prevent seasonal coughs and colds that often occur during the change in season. The cold nature of the fruit has the power to clear pathogenic heat and moisten the Lungs, promote the secretion of saliva and fluids, reduce internal bleeding and blood clots, aid the digestive system, help hangovers, and relieve thirst. Their iodine content can help goiter patients as well. As the fruit is cold in nature, it is best eaten around Duhr time (middle of the day and considered the warmest part of day). But do not eat too many as it will cause diarrhoea.

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