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Our 5 senses explained

Our five senses are one example of how an external symptom can indicate certain internal organ dysfunction or imbalance. Through discovering the connection between the senses and internal organs, you can treat the rooted disharmony.

Lung: nose and throat: when pathogens like wind or cold try to enter the body, the Lung system is the first line of defense. If Qi (vital energy) is not sufficient and the pathogens disrupt the flow, sneezing and sore throat will occur. This can lead to cold or flu symptoms if the individual has Lung deficiencies.

Liver: eyes: almost all eye problems can be traced back to the Liver system. Burning, red and itchy eyes, poor vision, eye twitching and even glaucoma signal a Liver that can't properly detox, holding too much heat (toxins). This heat rises upwards which create the hot, red eyes. Dryness is more indicative of deficient Liver Blood. Foods that heal the Liver help the eyes. Goji berry for example contains taurine, an amino acid that protects the retina.

Kidneys: ears: our Kidney organ system stores our "Jing" which is considered our life essence that drains as we age. Some people's drain earlier due to their lifestyle or perhaps genetic predisposition. These individuals often experience premature aging. The ears are the opening to the Kidney and they send energy there. When Kidney energy drains, the ears get less energy, making them weaker and causing problems like hearing loss, tinnitus and ear pain.

Heart: tongue: anything from problems with speech or the physical appearance of the tongue can signal Heart imbalances. Speaking too quickly, an inability to taste food properly and redness on the tongue can signal disharmony after things like emotions and a disturbed spirit building heat and manifesting on or through the tongue.

Spleen: mouth: our Spleen transmits and transports nutrients from the food that we eat to our entire body when working properly. If the Spleen suffers from deficiencies, it is unable to do so, resulting in improperly disseminated food bringing heat upwards, manifesting as cold sores on the mouth. Dry and cracked lips is another sign of Spleen deficiency as there is a lack of moisture from digestion.

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