Self love or self centred

Self-love or self-centred

We talk about self love that it can be kind of confusing to sort through which is a healthy love for yourself and what is being completely self-centred.

It’s easy to confuse someone who loves themself, as someone who’s self absorbed, from the outside, they may look the same. But the difference is major. If you are self absorbed you operate from a place of lack, fear and insecurity. You do your damnedest to control situations and people in a way that pleases you because you need things to go your way to validate your self-worth. There’s a reliance on everything that’s outside of you to feel good because you have not yet embraced your innate self-worth. This can make you use others to your benefit, seek attention and try to squeeze the most out of situations and people.

Self-love is a continuous effort to be fully present in our body, mind and heart. It’s about caring and celebrating who we are, moment by moment. It connects us to our deep being and from that place of warmth we understand that we are truly, authentically important. Self-love makes empathy blossom and enables connection with others.

Self-centredness is a permanent self-interest mindset. Caring for our own needs and pleasures does not mean we’re self-centered or egocentric. It simply means that we care for ourselves. But when we continually, perpetually, think only about ourselves this alters our perspective into thinking we’re a sole being living on an inhabited planet. It’s a truncated perspective. We end up missing the presence of other people, forget to give and deprive ourselves from nurturing connections. Self-centeredness means always defining who we are, analysing and comparing ourselves with others. Sometimes it makes us feel superior, other times inferior. It’s a habit that fools us into thinking we’re separate and alone.

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