Seasonal allergies

Blood oranges is a must for those who suffer seasonal allergies. But do not over do it as our issue tends to be we over consume, become over nourished and sickness kicks in. I would say one a day prior to allergy season giving yourself a couple of days break in between. Everything in moderation. May be consumed during the allergy season too.

Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly of good quality available from health food stores to be taken during the allergy season. Some people may be allergic to honey but they are able to consume these products. Everyone’s make up unique. Where possible purchase in glass jars.

Honey especially Manuka of New Zealand origin to be taken during the allergy season. Never put manuka honey into hot water as all the therapeutic benefits are destroyed. Other honey’s are also good as long as it’s not the one that is packed with nothing but sugar. Again purchase glass jars only too.

TCM: TCM doctors will do allergy points acupuncture and have an amazing base formula to deal with allergies.

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