Western Medicine & Modern Science V Islamic Medicine & Islamic Sciences

For me it’s simple and there is no comparison. Evil things are always made to look good whereby good things are guaranteed made to look bad. It is like comparing a disgusting greasy MacDonalds Hamburger that will damage your entire digestive system and organs as well as kill your immunity leading to sickness compared to a pure healthy bone broth that will strengthen your immunity, digestive system and organs leading to a healthy life.

Western Medicine

You get a diagnosis which becomes your label, blame genetics, never makes sense, label gets embedded deeply, no cure so you start taking poisons for life leading to other sickness and more labels, becomes detrimental, Qur’an, Sunnah and Salah will never work, empowers the inner critic within where you never get better as you learn to live with the so called condition, leading to mental health issues, entire cognitive function becomes distorted.

Islamic Medicine

You get the root cause of what is going on so no need for labels, we do not blame genetics instead we say it’s an immense blessing from Allah so we struggle for Allah, makes sense so there is nothing to deeply embed, Qur’an, Sunnah and Salah will work, which becomes your nurturing coat, propel to be the best person, leading to higher spirituality and connection with Allah, Allah gives cure.

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