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Scanty periods

Scanty periods

Very light periods are known as scanty periods in TICM. Typically, it is a noticeable reduction in blood volume that lasts only 1 to 3 days regularly and can often accompany delayed periods.

Healthy periods are indications of good health, in TICM, the free flow of blood creates a healthy body, metabolism and offers easy fertility with a good stream of emotional balance.

Scanty periods can be caused my the following imbalances:

Damp phlegm: a result of a diet heavy in cold foods, dairy, sugar and greasy foods and a lack of exercise.

Blood deficiency: a diet lacking in nutrients, excessive thinking and worrying, overwork and fatigue.

Kidney Yang deficiency: from congenital deficiency, having children too frequently or close together, prolonged exhaustion and even too much sex.

Blood stagnation: prolonged emotional stress & frustration, trauma & previous abdominal surgeries and prolonged use of the birth control pill.

What to do?

Eat foods high in iron.

Cut out cold and frozen foods and drinks.

Place a hot water pack or castor oil pack on your stomach nightly.

Reduce stress and remove yourself from stressful circumstances.

Talk to your TICM doctor about what herbs will be right for you.

Get adequate rest, moderate exercise is great but refrain from strenuous activity.

Take blood and energy tonics as well as blood building herbal formulas.

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