San Jiao 5

San Jiao also known as Triple Warmer

SJ5 is known as Outer Pass in English and is an amazing point to stimulate for headaches and migraines that are a result of wind cold, changes in weather and changes in air pressure or in the atmosphere around you. This is a very common complaint as we enter Spring and as the weather around us changes. It is a point I use regularly in clinic for many types of disorders. SJ6 is another great favourite of mine for headches and migraines.

This point is 2 finger widths above the crease of the wrist in the centre, on the San Jiao meridian.

Using your gua sha tool at about a 45 degree angle, begin a bit before SJ5 and stroke upwards towards the shoulder. Do it for 3-5 minutes each hand. Repeat daily.

If you do not have a gua sha tool, use a spoon.

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