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San Jiao

San Jiao

The San Jiao is classified as an organ in TICM. The San Jiao is unknown outside of TICM but most likely closest to the lymphatic system. San Jiao is often translated as triple heater, triple burner or triple warmer. Unfortunately, these translations shed little light on what the San Jiao is or what it does. Burner gives the impression that this organ system generates heat, perhaps a lot of heat, but there is little evidence that it does that, rather acting as a conduit for heat transferred between other organs.

An alternative interpretation of the name has been the three burning spaces, which is somewhat better, in the sense that the location or zone of influence of this organ system can encompass three heat sources without itself being the generator of the heat (i.e., kidney, spleen, and heart yang). As TICM explains, the San Jiao consists of three compartments in the trunk of the body.

The upper compartment is the chest, from the diaphragm up. The middle compartment is from the diaphragm to the navel. The lower compartment is in the abdomen, from the navel down. Each compartment is a metabolic center. The San Jiao primarily metabolises fluids.

People with allergies invariably have problems in the San Jiao. Usually, phlegm is plugging things up, with deficiencies of Qi in the related organs as well. Treating the Spleen is always important where phlegm impairment is concerned, but the San Jiao must also be attended to.

The San Jiao can harmonise the fluids of all the other organs, and keep them clean. The San Jiao also maintains the cerebral spinal fluid and the lymph system, coordinating the cleansing and fluid circulation of the whole body.

A body that is clogged up with phlegm and toxins is extremely susceptible to allergies, as well as various forms of cancer, thyroid problems, multiple sclerosis, and all types of immune disorders. Maintaining a healthy San Jiao can make a big difference in health in general, and allergies in particular. The San Jiao can be healed and maintained through qigong, salaah, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Spleen, Liver and Kidney formula's.

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