Improve Health Through Saliva

Saliva is the spiritual fluid of our bodies that I spoke about yesterday in a post.. This liquid connects to our brain function and entire nervous system. It allows us to taste our food and it even protects our teeth from decay. The better your saliva is, the better your health will be. So how can you improve your saliva?

Chew food as long as you can. Though it may seem arduous at first, digestion becomes much more sufficient and this prevents overeating, as it signals to the digestive system to begin and nutrient excretion is easier.

Well chewed food is coated with digestive fluids in the Stomach, further making digestion less taxing on the body. Energy is used to digest food, the harder it is to break down, the more energy that is used. We want to conserve all the energy now more than ever with our sedentary lifestyles.

When food is kept in the mouth for enough time, allows the flavour of the food to be recognised by the tongue. The tongue then signals the brain to send a message to the digestive system to release the correct digestive enzymes needed for that particular flavour or food.

The next time you eat, try the following:

Chew slowly and steadily, until the food has lost its texture, it should almost be liquid or it can be.

Finish chewing completely before ingesting more food.

Try not to drink any fluids while eating, you can have hot liquids like broth. This interrupts the natural liquids released by the digestive system.

Take a few deep breaths before you eat, thank your food, Creator, Universe, Mother Nature.....

Enjoy it while you eat it.

Try not to eat while watching TV or reading etc.

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