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Rub your feet

This exercise sequence originated from Sun Simiao, the King of Medicine (Yaowang), Chinese physician and writer of the Sui and Tang dynasty. He was the King of Medicine for his significant contributions to Chinese medicine and tremendous care to his patients especially during real pandemics. He lived to be 142 years old.

Begin by rubbing your hands 36 times to warm them up. Rub the left foot with the right hand and rub the right foot with the left hand. Repeat 100 times on each side.

On the bottom of the foot is point KID1 called Bubbling Spring in English. By rubbing the feet, we stimulate the first point of the Kidney channel keeping it warm, we call it bringing the heat home. The Kidney system governs our growth and maturation and holds our precious Jing essence as well as our inherited Qi (vital energy).

This exercise has been said to be especially helpful for insomnia, headaches and high blood pressure.

Note: always keep your feet and lower back warm, wear appropriate warm clothing whatever the weather to protect your Kidneys.

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