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Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness on the surface of the skin, with small, red bumps or visible blood vessels often accompanying it. It is a common complaint that I see

TICM know that no condition sits only on the surface. There is always an underlying imbalance that the condition becomes a result of. This actually helps you and your practitioner to uncover the root imbalance and treat it, creating harmony and restoring health along the way. You will find that other symptoms dissolve with this approach.

Our skin is governed by the Lung network. Things like alcohol, spicy food, smoking and medications can create excess Heat similar to inflammation in the Stomach which greatly impacts the Lung. The Stomach generates the Lung in TICM, meaning it nurtures and promotes growth like a mother would to her child. If the Stomach is weak, the Lung cannot operate properly, affecting its correlating tissue, the skin.

Emotion also becomes visible on the face, especially ones relating to stress and anxiety, which are synonymous with Stomach function. These emotions also flare up the fire energy and intensity of the Heart and Shen (spirit), rising up more Heat.

TICM treatments for rosacea include calming the emotions, clearing Heat and creating a smooth flow of energy, Blood and emotions. The 3 main TICM patterns seen in rosacea are the accumulation of Heat in the Lungs and Stomach, Heat in the Blood, and Blood Stasis. Hijama, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Qigong help to regulate Blood flow.

Proper nutrition for this time would focus on more bland foods, as spicy and pungent foods only add to Heat accumulation. Use good quality olive oil and herbs to flavor foods, instead of heavy and hot sauces. Eat a hearty and nutritious breakfast and lunch, eating lighter at night. Eat very clean, focus on plenty of vegetables as the center of the meal, healthy fats and organic protein sources. Bone broth is vital along with ginger powder tea daily. Eat warm foods and stay away from cold drinks, dairy, processed and raw foods for the time being.

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