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Roasted rice daikon tea for breast cancer

I always say to patients if I detect something to ensure they do a follow up visit. If I tell you that then there is a very good reason I have told you. By law, there are certain conditions that we may detect up to 10 months in advance that we can prevent from developing into the disease if we take preventative measures at this stage.I always tell people that you do not wake up one morning and sickness appears. It takes time and your body is talking to you all the time.

Those of you who have been detected with breast cancer or have breast cancer, the following tea is amazing. Daikon, rice has anti-cancer properties. Will do separate post on daikon.

1 tablespoon roasted brown rice in a dry pan no oils, 2 slices of daikon, add hot water and cover for 8 min, (or until rice all drop to bottom).

Brown rice contains selenium, a vital mineral that helps maintain thyroid function and regulates hormones and metabolism. It also rich in magnesium which help the nerve function, stabilise blood sugar, roasted brown rice also contain active carbon which help dissolve fats in the intestine, and help control weight gain.

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