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Replenish Yang

How to replenish Yang (Warn Energy)

The Huang Di Neijing also known as the The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic is the most important ancient text in Chinese medicine. It stated that the summer months are the time to build or replenish our Yang. He said "Spring: sprouting/start, Summer: growth, Autumn: harvest, Winter: reserve/hibernate." Now is the time to start replenishing your Yang. Here's how:

Drink ginger powder tea daily, especially in the morning. This will help all meridians move smoothly, and with the help of heat in nature, our Qi and blood will flow more efficiently, which will then smooth Qi flow and help Yang grow. 

Go to bed early and wake up early to absorb more Yang. The summer months have the bright sunshine in the morning, and it is powerful to experience that. Sun is the ultimate Yang, and receiving that sun is helpful is restoring yours.

Stay away from too much air conditioning and direct contact from fans. Dress appropriately where AC is blasting to cover your neck and ankles. Don't have wet hair inside AC. The air conditioning closes all pores, so go outdoors when you get up early to let Yang come in naturally and comfortably.

Incorporate light exercise such as Qigong, Yoga and Taichi in early summer mornings. You can simply move your body around with stretching. Light exercise will bring Yang into our body without consuming it.

Try to accomplish your daily tasks before noon. This is the time you feel more productive as it mirrors the strength of the sun in its peak hours.

Positive thinking and positive emotions increase Heart Yang and Qi. Avoid any unhappiness, agitation and have happy thoughts. See the good and learning in all situations. When you feel calm and peaceful, you don't feel hot and it will allow the Yang to stay within. Practice meditation or breath work when you have interference of emotions.

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