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Relieve your Heart

Relieve your Heart and clear disturbances in your Mind

It is becoming common to experience feelings like agitation, irritability, palpitations and even insomnia when the mind just cannot seem to rest. In TICM, summertime correlates to our Heart system, which also is representative of the fire element. However, the times we are living, this is becoming the norm. The combination of the external heat or Yang of the season as well as our internal heat, can create these feelings as our Heart Qi (energy) and our brain are very much connected. Use this period of double Yang to relieve any disturbances of the mind.

Acupressure is a wonderful and easy way to nourish the Heart, relieve disturbances of the mind and create a sound environment. You can do these exercises 1-2 times a day. Listen to soothing music, recitation, etc, close your eyes and rest daily for 15-30 minutes, meditate, and take care of yourself with a good diet rich in whole foods. Avoid too many iced drinks and cold beverages even though it’s hot out, this manifests into a lowered immune system come the autumn.

3-5 times on each side with eyes closed.

Right hand on left wrist, raise palms to ceiling.

*This stretches and twists the Heart channel, relaxing and releasing stagnation.

Squeeze HT8 (picture below) 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat 10 times.

Make a fist and squeeze. Send more pressure through the baby fingers which hit the Heart 8 meridian. Rest for 5 minutes after completion.

*This clears excess Heart fire.

6 times on each side, eyes opened or closed.

Lace fingers together and pull knee towards chest, while having your knee resist.

*This exercise relaxes the tendons, joints and meridians. When these channels are flowing freely, there is less agitation and tightness both mentally and physically.

Breathe in and out gently. Enjoy a cup of hot ginger powder tea.

Eat more bitter foods to nourish the Heart. Bitter melon, lotus seeds and flowers, red dates, snow ear mushrooms.

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