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Rejuvenate face and body

Stimulating the Stomach channel helps increase vital energy (Qi) and Blood. Stimulating this channel is how we can look and feel rejuvenated. The Stomach meridian starts at the eye and goes down to the toes. Also stimulated is point Spleen 10 (SP10) known as the Sea of Blood is a wonderful point for digestive and skin health. As the name suggests, this point nourishes the Blood which nourishes the skin. In TICM, Blood and fluids are one (blood is over 65% plasma which is water). You can stimulate this point prior to using gua sha, or even your hands. I do both sides together to save time but you can do one side at a time. When Spleen and Stomach energy are abundant, our face would be lifted, vibrant, and more moisturized and the muscles remain tight. The Spleen and Stomach system governs our muscles. If we have weak digestion, our muscles are also weak. Do 100 strokes directly on each of your legs daily. Make sure stroke downward on the stomach meridians, stroke upward on SP10. Add skin lotion or oil if your legs are dry. You can do one leg at a time.

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