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Reduce redness of pimples

Using a cold compress is one of the best ways to reduce pimple redness. The cold temperature helps contract the blood vessels underneath the skin, which in turn minimises the pimple’s appearance and redness.

Warm tea bag as tea contains a good amount of tannins that help reduce swelling, and hence is beneficial in reducing the redness caused by pimples. The warmth of a moist tea bag when applied onto the affected area will also open up the pores, potentially drawing bacteria or pus to the surface, thus treating your acne.

Cucumber is a known anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce inflammation and swelling. Its astringent nature works by restricting the blood vessels in your skin, lessening the redness.

Lemon has natural healing and skin-lightening components that help combat redness associated with pimples. It also contains citric acid, which helps fight bacteria responsible for pimples and other skin breakouts.

Witch hazel also helps combat redness and swelling associated with several skin breakouts, including pimples.

This natural astringent constricts the blood vessels and the pores under the surface of your skin.  

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, manuka honey is also good for reducing the redness of a pimple and helping it heal. In addition, it will also keep your skin moisturized and less flaky. 

Aloe vera is beneficial for treating a number of skin conditions, including pimple redness, due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. The phytochemicals in it can ease pain, reduce inflammation, increase the skin’s moisture content and reduce redness of the skin.

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