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Real Multivitamins For Better Health

When people tell me that they take synthetic vitamins and supplements, to be honest I cringe as it is normal for our body. We can over supplement which leads to diseases. We should be getting all the nutrients we need from our food. If we are not getting it from our food, then there is something wrong with our digestive organs (Stomach and Spleen) and I also take a closer look at Kidneys and Liver which synthesise everything.

Organ meats are the most coveted part of an animal because of their nutrient density. Organ meats and beef liver in particular, are like taking the purest form of a nature's multivitamin. Most of the vitamins and minerals that beef liver contains are in the most digestible and usable form, making them easily absorbed by the body. The reason we have built a billion dollar industry around supplements is because we don't look to the proper foods to provide ample nutrition, in fact, in many cases, we turn our nose up at the very foods that heal us.

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