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Real love

Everything you are seeking, you must first be willing, able and available to give to yourself. Real love stems from the love we are able to give ourselves. We often seek outside the very things we are unable to supply ourselves with.

Love is the absence of fear. It is trusting yourself and the Universe. Most people do not trust themselves. They are fearful because they are disconnected. They view their mind, body and soul as different, if anything at all. TICM treats any physical ailment through gaining knowledge of the patient's mind and soul as well as their physical state. That is because we believe that nothing is separate from another, the body is a whole, which is something allopathic medicine does not recognise. This is the reason why I am able to treat anyone with any condition as everything is taken back to its root cause as there is always a root cause when we dig deep enough. This is why when a patient tells me about a medical condition, it goes over my head as it does not mean anything to me. I am not treating your condition, I am treating the whole person. Allopathic medicine almost every condition is idiopathic meaning they do not know what they are treating as they do not know the cause.

If you feel disconnected and like you do not trust yourself, use meditation, grounding techniques, a nature connection and healthy foods to boost your awareness.

Living in love is an entirely higher state of living, where your natural state is seeing everything through the lens of Love. This is a great exercise to practice every day, to change your perspective. Remember, there is always light and love but it is up to you to see it.

Sending you all love and healing light xxx

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