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Raise your legs

Inversions create whole body circulation and help move Liver Qi (energy). When Liver Qi is flowing smoothly, we feel happy and content, our Blood is nourishing our entire body and our emotions are balanced. Sit in position as shown in the picture anywhere from 5-30minutes. Work up gradually and see how you feel. This position is great for the entire body. Because it improves circulation, it helps to reduce swelling in the lower extremities through redirecting lymph and other fluids from your ankles, knees, and pelvic organs. It relaxes the body and deactivates the stress response of the sympathetic nervous system. This pose benefits the Heart by giving it a rest as it doesn’t have to pump so hard, and it slows down your heart rate. Begin with your right side against the wall and bend the knees. Draw your feet towards your hips and swing your legs against the wall, turning to lie flat on your back. Have your hips against the wall or slightly away. Place your arms in any comfortable position. To release the pose, gently push yourself away from the wall. Relax on your back for a few moments before rolling to your right side.

Rest for a few moments before slowly moving into an upright position. Helps varicose veins Relaxes the mind and body Improves circulation Alleviates low back pain Helps digestion Restores tired feet and legs Helps insomnia

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