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How does Quran recitation influence health

Reciting communicates to the body the ′right’ vibes that increase our vitality.

During recitation in the human brain, special chemicals are made that help us feel peace and joy.

Recitation improved blood circulation in the throat area, which has a beneficial effect on vocal cords, tonsils and numerous lymph nodes in the throat and therefore significantly increases local immunity (in other words, we rarely catch colds).

Improving blood supply during recitation leads to brain activity intensification: it starts working more intensely, memory improves, any information is easier to perceive.

Recitation is very useful for lung diseases, as it works as a respiratory gymnastics that promotes the development of chest, proper breathing, and significantly reduces the number of acute lung conditions.

With regular recitation, the level of immunoglobulin and hydrocortisone, which are signs of good immunity, increase in the body.

Methods have been developed that treat stuttering through recitation and help improve diction.

Recitation is used even in the fight against overweight: sometimes excessively full people are available when they feel a feeling of hunger instead of eating to recite two or three verses.

Recitation improves blood supply in the head area and generally rejuvenates the body, skin condition improves.

This is why I recommend reciting at least 5 minutes a day, equating reciting to physical exercises.

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